iPad has finally arrived in the CampusPlex!

iPad has finally arrived in the CampusPlex!
Even though we have not queued up to buy a much-touted iPad, we have still been waiting several months for delivery! And it’s finally here!
Being smaller than a sheet of typing paper, the device allows to download the 150,000 iPhone applications, plus 1,000 or so unique to the iPad, and stream Netflix movies straight to the screen. And, when turned vertically, its electronic keyboard allows easy thumb-typing for e-mails or Twitter.

iPad has finally arrived in the CampusPlex!
And although it has no Flash video support, no integrated video camera (in this version, anyway) and no phone, this device is a whizz-bang!
You may already know iPad's best features: It's the best way to see the web, e-mail and photos, watch movies and play games, you can also convert subscriptions to your favorite newspapers and magazines to e-versions.

For those who want to know more, here is an article featuring 12 little-known iPad's features: http://bit.ly/ayJRZs

Friday, May 7th 2010

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