We participate in Apps For America 2 Contest

We participate in Apps For America 2 Contest
Some weeks ago the Sunlight foundation launched the contest on the occasion of publication of the data.gov online catalog issued by the U.S. Government.

The concept is simple; to participate in the contest you are just to publish an application using information from data.gov and to make its code open source.
We've decided to take part in this contest with our rush web application Disasters Map. This map is based on Google Maps and earthquakes & storms data issued from data.gov, which allows to instantly view danger zones.

This is something more than a simple map. Thus, there is an added timeline enabling you to browse by date and get a clear idea of recent events.

Our tool is based on Twitter comments (it displays tweets about natural disasters) and enables users to tweet a disaster so as to keep their community informed. For your information, we have also added a list of members of the United States Congress interested in disaster-related problems in the USA.
We hope you will like this map. Do not hesitate to give us your comments, whether positive or negative, and we will keep improving our tool so as to make it even more useful.

Monday, August 3rd 2009

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