We finally launched our Mapize Facebook Fan Page!

We finally launched our Mapize Facebook Fan Page!
I’ve already touched upon the tips and tricks for business Facebook fan pages. As mentioned earlier, we've also decided to create the Facebook fan page for Mapize, which would help us create our own community and keep our visitors in the loop of the latest company news and upcoming events as well as hold various map-related contests and games.
To make our entrance into Facebook we’ve checked out the already existing best practices and have chosen those which better corresponded to our targets.

Now we are happy to share with you some tips that we used to create our own Mapize Facebook Fan page. Hopefully, you’ll find this information useful.

Profile Picture

To catch visitors’ attention at once and provide better visibility of our brand we used a 200 x 600 pixel logo for our profile, which is much larger than the standard profile picture.

Landing page

While there are numerous tips and applications to leverage your brand on Facebook, it’s not so easy to find an optimal way to drive visitors to your fan page without overcharging your Wall with useless or cumbersome data. To avoid this situation we set up the tab Mapize as a landing page, i.e. the space our new visitors will view first when they enter our fan page. And people who already like our page will land directly on the Page Wall.
We’ve also added the large picture and Mapize logo to let new visitors immediately discover our company’s identity and the comments box to let them leave comments directly on the landing page.
To set up the landing page, click on ‘Edit Page’ > ‘Wall Settings’ > then on ‘Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else’ chose the tab which you want to present first when new users enter your Facebook page.

Various Tabs

To enable ourselves using original tabs we added to our fan page the Static FBML application. This app allows to replace or supplement traditional tabs (Info, Photos etc.) with more personalized ones.
Thus, we created a Video tab to present the music videos for our maps, which will help our visitors discover our maps and better understand how they can use them.
For a start we added 3 videos illustrating our: Forbes Billionaires Map, Darwin Bus Map and Book Map. And of course we will add more maps in the course of time.
As the page has just been published and there's not enough information, we decided to connect it to our blog, so that visitors could get a general idea of our activity. Within the next few days, we will add the Contest tab, which will enable us to build diverse mapping contests.
We’ll also add the Twitter tab to let people follow our Twitter updates.


The Poll application allows to get feedback from your visitors. A poll can be a casual way to get a read from your fans about a new product, a new page design, or your business in general.
You should simply ask your burning question in the poll settings. And our first question was: What kind of map would you like to see next?
We’ve chosen to publish our polls to the custom tab but it also can be popped into your left-hand navigation where visitors can click anytime they come to your Page.

Certainly, we are only beginners and have a lot of things to learn, but my guess is that the best way to make your page engaging is to post interesting content and keep the conversation going with your fans! :)

Friday, May 21st 2010

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