Visualize your travels with tripsQ!

Visualize your travels with tripsQ!
tripsQ is our first data visualization application that aims to help people make full use of the data they’ve generated while travelling, by turning their check-ins in the airports into various travel statistics.

Everyone who uses Foursquare can easily sign in to tripsQ and visualize his trips and travel itineraries.

The Beta version of tripsQ also provides users with detailed statistics on the distance they’ve travelled, the amount of CO² they’ve produced during each trip and other information about their travels.

The goal of tripsQ is to save your travel history as well as to make you use previously unused data hidden in your cell phones and data bases.

There are some new cool features coming soon:

The first one will help socialize your travel by showing the tips left by your friends in each of the cities you visit.

Another one will aggregate various connected data: amount of weight you’ve lost/put on (WiThings), number of steps you’ve taken (Fitbit), the distance you’ve walked during each trip.

So, if you like Foursquare, data & dataviz, sign up for tripsQ and visualize your trips!

Thursday, June 16th 2011

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