The Open Innovation Map

The Open Innovation Map
We’ve just finished our latest project – The Open Innovation Map made in partnership with our friends bluenove. We teamed up with bluenove to create an interactive database of key players in the field of open innovation. To better visualize the players in OI around the world we used two views:

1. The map to geolocate each OI player.
2. The directory of OI players, which includes detailed information about each member and his network with other subscribers to the OIM.

A new feature we implemented is User-Generated Content (UGC), which enables users to join the project and see themselves appear on the map and on the list. For that, the user must subscribe to the Open Innovation Map as one of the 3 types of OI players:

1. an Ideator, if the user is an Entrepreneur, a Start-Up, a Researcher in a Public or Private Lab, a Developer, an Expert, a Student etc. with a great idea, some intellectual property or an innovative project.
2. a Scout, if the user is a Venture Capital fund, a Corporate Venture or a Startup Partner Program, a Business Angel, a Consulting firm, a Database of 'Ideators', a Blogger, an Event or Conference, a Public or Private Incubator or Cluster, etc. … willing to promote the 'Ideators'.
3. an Open Innovator, if the user is a Major Corporation implementing an Open Innovation strategy and willing to grow an ecosystem and network of Ideators, or if it’s a Public body (city, government related initiative, etc.) with an 'Open Data' project.

If you recognize yourself in one of these descriptions, join the Open Innovation Map, get your badge of Ideator, Scout or Open Innovator and create your own network with other players in open innovation worldwide.

By the way, we'are presenting The Open Innovation Map at the LeWeb conference currently held in Paris.

Tuesday, December 7th 2010

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