The Open Data Challenge Results

As I mentioned last week, we participated in the Open Data Challenge. And last Friday, after some weeks of suspense, the winning projects were finally published!

Unfortunately, we did not win any price this time but we discovered a lot of powerful and really useful apps leveraging open government data.

Here are some of the first price winners:

The first price idea was to create a mobile application facilitating citizens' participation in urban planning decisions (learn more).

The first price for the app went to a Slovak application uncovering influential people standing behind companies successful in securing contracts with the state. It’s a very nicely designed and easy to use tool, which could help route out corruption and illegal influence in any country:

The first price visualization was the Bike Share Map showing the current state of bike share networks in over 30 cities around the world:

And one of our favorites was the 3rd price visualization from Netherlands showing word clouds of Dutch politicians' key words: Funny and well visualized idea!

To find out about other winners go to the Open Data Challenge home page.

And here is a nice selection of the shortlisted entries. More entries will be added in the weeks to come.

Friday, June 17th 2011

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