TechCrunch and other Medias About Mapize

You don't get to be featured on TechCrunch every day )

TechCrunch and other Medias About Mapize
This week, at the CampusPlex we’ve had the honor of welcoming Roxanne Varza from TechCrunch France. For those who do not know, TechCrunch is one of the biggest blogs on Web 2.0 and technology news worldwide.

The goal of Roxanne's visit was to learn more about the tech/startup activity in Corsica, with the CampusPlex being the top item on her agenda.

Today, in her article on TechCrunch Europe, Roxanne briefed on outcome of this visit. And we were really happy to see that this article highlighted our Mapize mapping platform among other great CampusPlex’s projects (WMaker and DuoApps).

Thank you so much for your appreciation!

Nestoria Interview: The team from Mapize

Yet, it’s not the first publication about us this summer: two weeks ago we made the headline of Nestoria Australia blog. Nestoria is a British vertical search engine for real estate, now available in almost all European countries.

Nestoria Australia published the big interview with Mapize’s team in their regular column, where they interview thought-leaders from the realm of internet technology and new media businesses.

Hopefully, these publications will help boost interest in our activity and push our solution forward!

Friday, August 13th 2010

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