Social Map of California Colleges & Universities

Social Map of California Colleges & Universities
This is our new mashup that has been submitted to Apps For Californians - a web application development contest focused on enhancing government transparency and services.

The map aims to geolocate social activity around universities and colleges in California. For this purpose, we have used the Foursquare API as well as public data provided by the State of California.

Social Map of California Colleges & Universities displays online social activity around each of the geolocated educational institutions and enables you to view most popular places among the students. To see Foursquare check-ins the user should select the needed institution on the map and click on its marker.

The map also offers a statistics tool to monitor recent data (2010) on the student population of each institution (for colleges only), including age, ethnicity and gender of members.

Databases and APIs used for the map:

- Geographic Data from

• Community Colleges -
• Independent Colleges -
• State Universities -
• Universities of California -

- Statistical data of California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office
- Google Maps API
- Foursquare API


- Radius of specified distance (km) around each map marker
- Foursquare check-ins by the students of each institution

Monday, August 30th 2010

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