New dataviz! Open Innovation in France

New dataviz! Open Innovation in France
We just finished working on our new dataviz for our friends from bluenove, leader in Open Innovation services in France.

This infographic was created based on the results of a recent survey on the subject of “Open Innovation” carried out by bluenove in over 60 big companies in France.

The dataviz sheds light on HOW French companies apply the open Innovation strategy, WHAT are the risks, barriers and advantages related to open innovation. It also shows the gap between France and the USA in the field of OI. For example, in 2011 41,2% of French big companies are at an early stage of implementing OI strategies vs. 49% of American companies in 2009!

On the whole, we can see that even though most respondents acknowledge the risks associated with open innovation (intellectual property-related risks etc.), they are still confident that the OI strategy can be worthwhile for their companies.

Here's what the infographic looks like.

Monday, June 6th 2011

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