Movie Maps

We all love cinema. And a lot of our favorite films have been inspired by different cities which themselves became movie stars.
It’s obvious that the map is the best tool to make us discover or revisit sites where some of the most memorable scenes in the history of cinema took place.
Here are some maps created to help us find the most popular film locations.

Movie Maps
London Movie Map:

This map displays movies that have been shot in London.
Interview with a Vampire, Wolfman, Match Point, Waterloo Bridge, Brief Encounters, The Omen, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade… All these films have been made in London. And you could know where exactly, thanks to this cool movie map produced by Film London to help visitors to the city discover these cult locations in real life. You can search the map by film genre, from romance to horror or just explore by viewing different parts of London.

Movie Maps
Filmaps : eleven-ref-79/ eleven-ref-79/

Filmaps shows famous movie locations. It's possible to search the website for a particular movie or, at your option, for a location to see which movie was made there. You can also view the list of the most popular film locations. For example, if you choose Paris, you’ll find a lot of well-known movies made in this city: Amélie, Da Vinci Code, The Bourne Identity and many others. For each of them the exact locations where the movie scenes were shot (landmarks, streets) are given. You can also add a location to movies if you know of one that hasn't already been added.

It’s such an absorbing pastime!

Wednesday, February 24th 2010

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