Maps of Environmental Issues

Today, there is a growing social interest in environmental impact and climate related issues. In response to this public demand, various maps have been created to inform people about current environmental issues or even encourage them to contribute their own observations.

So, we tried to make a round-up of some interesting maps on this subject.

Maps of Environmental Issues
1. Eye on Earth EEA and Microsoft Bing Mapping :

The Eye on Earth platform is a joint venture between the European Environment Agency (EEA) and Microsoft. The tool provides such features as Air Quality, Air Quality Model, and Bathing Waters. Therewith, Air Quality data is provided from Official EEA sources as well as from Bing Maps user feedbacks.
Furthermore, language support covers all European languages.

Maps of Environmental Issues
2. Reegle Maps :

Reegle Maps is a Google Maps based portal to global news in the field of Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency.
You can view on the map sustainable energy news for countries around the world. It is possible to click on a country on the map and then view 'News', 'Key Events' and 'Country Profiles' by clicking on the options in the map sidebar. You can also view energy statistics for Europe by selecting the year and data set from the drop down menus above the map.

Maps of Environmental Issues
3. global Climate data :

Based on the data set showing the monthly average temperature values released by the UK Met Office, has produced this mashup, which provides the data for over 1,500 land stations around the world. It is possible to use the search forms or just click the markers on the map to find and view data for each land station, including its location, nearby stations, current weather and a plot of monthly average temperatures stretching back more than 300 years in some cases.

All these maps illustrate the initiatives taken to inform people of worldwide environmental news, events, projects and statistics.

Tuesday, February 9th 2010

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