Mapize at i7 Summit

Mapize at i7 Summit
Last Wednesday we attended the i7 Summit. This global conference on Open Innovation organized by Avise Partners was held near Paris, at the splendid chateau Les Fontaines in Chantilly. This awesome event brought together startups, large corporations, investors, NGOs and media representatives.

The list of participants is quite impressive: Nokia, Siemens, SAP, EDF, Le Monde, our friends Bluenove and others.

Even though we could be present only at the opening of i7 Summit and did not attend further workshops, it was a great experience for us.

Here is an overview of the workshops we took part in.

"We choose to go to the moon not because it is easy, but because it is hard" J F Kennedy

As a “starter” we had the keynote speech by Adam Richardson, Frog Design 's Creative Director and author of Innovation X.
Adam talked about innovation, misfits and their contribution to innovation and "moonshot" entrepreneurs (in the U.S "moonshot" is the term when you are going to do something big).

Relationships between large corps, innovation, cultures and media…

Then, within the framework of next two workshops on Open Innovation Perspective and Open Innovation Exercise On The Future Of Medias, we discussed innovation in Europe, cultural barriers to innovations in different countries, why it does/doesn't work for big corporations and of course open innovation in Media. There were some interesting speeches, including, among others, the presentation by David Guiraud, Le Monde's CEO and Philippe Jannet, Interactive Le Monde's CEO. They made an in-depth analysis of the future of interactive media in general and their own new business model implying close collaboration with Apple and Adobe, to be on the edge of innovation.

It’s such a fine line between stupid and clever!

The conclusion of the day was left to Adam Richardson who made an impressive closing speech on lateral thinking and behavior patterns, which may impede innovation and inhibit thinking out of the box. Adam proposed to reverse the ideas we usually take for granted. Thereby, such provocative questions about media as “What if journalist’s job was to comment advertisement and write articles on it?” or “What if journalists were making the events they talk about ?” occurred to participants.

Thanks and congratulations to all participants and organizers of this great event, which hopefully will become a good tradition!

Monday, October 18th 2010

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