Map of Regional Elections in Corsica by Mapize

Regional elections have been held in France since 1986 to elect regional councilors and regional presidents for each of 26 regions: all elected to serve 6-year terms.
With the approach of the elections 2010 that will be held on March 14 -21, we’ve decided to highlight this event by localizing candidates for the Corsica Region on the map.

Map of Regional Elections in Corsica by Mapize

On the whole, there are 11 listings of each party’s candidates (51 candidates by list), which makes 561 candidates in total.

Each list contains the photo of a party’s representative, which is shown on the map according to his (her) location.

Hopefully, this map will arouse public interest in the forthcoming elections and help local voters know better their candidates.

Friday, February 19th 2010

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