List of Last Week’s Top 3 Maps by Mapize

List of Last Week’s Top 3 Maps by Mapize
Once again we’ve compiled the list of last week’s top maps.
These are three maps on different subjects that have different uses. However, they all have one common point: they are very cute!

1. Places to Smoke Cigars:

"Places to Smoke Cigars" was created to help cigar enthusiasts find places to enjoy premium cigars. The map shows the cigar places (bars, shops, smoking lounges) located in the USA, where you can enjoy smoking. All of them are divided into five categories, representing 5 premium cigar brands. Clicking on an icon on the map opens the information window with the place’s description, address and website.
Nice tool for cigar connoisseurs!

List of Last Week’s Top 3 Maps by Mapize
2. Employee Search Portal:

This portal is intended for large companies occupying an entire building or one/some floors of the building. If you work for such a company, you know how it can sometimes be difficult to find a colleague’s office. This tool allows to localize on the map all company’s employees and shows their location on the office floor plan with the building's satellite view in Google Maps. You can also find (update or modify if needed) each employee’s profile, add or delete an employee.
Very useful tool for large companies employing numerous stuff.

List of Last Week’s Top 3 Maps by Mapize
3. Ivry Confluences by U-Mapper:

This map has been built with the U-Mapper platform to display various urban projects in Ivry city, France. You can see the plan of the sites, parks, buildings to be constructed in the city in the near future. You can also see the site drawing images for some of these sites.

Take a look at these maps and maybe you’ll find something you’re interested in.

Monday, March 8th 2010

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