Facebook Places is officially launched

Facebook Places is officially launched
Zuckerberg & Co have finally unveiled Places, their new geolocation check-in service.
Unfortunately, for now Places is only available in the US. So, at the moment our judgment can only be based on detailed (but usually subjective) publications about this service. Thus, there is a wealth of articles castigating Facebook for their privacy policy (for Facebook’s opponents here are some scathing publications like Facebook Places: Your Friends Are Here, But What About Your Privacy? or Privacy Group Voices Concerns About Facebook Places).
However, we decided to stay unprejudiced and not to plunge into the sea of criticism for the new Facebook's creation. In brief, we tried to sum up what you can really do with Facebook Places:

It seems that Places is using both Google Maps and Bing Maps.
The application allows you to:

- Check-in to different venues
- See who is in your neighborhood ("Here Now" feature)
- Get notifications when your friends check in your proximity
- Tag photos and friends while checking into locations (do not worry! You can remove tags if you wish)
- Create a news feed item showing your check-in location

And even though Facebook’s privacy controls are far from being perfect, the good point of Places is that, when you start checking in, the default setting enables ONLY your friends to see your activity! Plus, you are free to customize your privacy settings by selecting the closest friends who will have the privilege to view your location data.

Hopefully we could soon test out Places ourselves. And who knows, maybe the Places feature will soon be added to our Mapize platform!

Thursday, August 19th 2010

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