Facebook Fan Page for Mapize

Facebook Fan Page for Mapize
Over the past few years Facebook fan pages have become immensely popular for companies and organizations. To go with the times, we’ve also decided to create a Facebook fan page for Mapize.
However, while there are numerous tips and applications to leverage your brand on Facebook, it’s not so easy to find an optimal way to drive visitors to your fan page without overcharging your space with useless or cumbersome data. Besides some obvious verities (posting interesting content, keeping up the conversation with your fans etc.), there are some extra tips to continuously attract new fans to your page.
Fortunately, there are so many helpful people willing to share their strategies, tips and best practices for creating an engaging Facebook Fan page.

Here are some useful links to create an appealing FB fan page or improve your already existing page:




Take a look at these tricks and suggestions. They could be very useful for any company looking to make their entrance into Facebook.

Monday, March 22nd 2010

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