CampusPlex Inauguration Party

CampusPlex Inauguration Party
The inauguration of our new corporate office called the CampusPlex was held last Thursday in Ajaccio.
We received more than 200 guests. Among them were representatives of the press, radio, and television, clients, friends and parents of our teams’ members.
The agenda of events was particularly interesting and dynamic. In the morning we met the guests at the airport. Then, after a business lunch there were 6 workshops set up to discuss the companies’ burning issues and offers.
One of our workshops dealt with Google Maps based mashups as well as with implementation best practices. And it seemed that people got interested in this project!
And of course there was a great party at night!
Now when it’s over and we returned to our daily work, we still stay inspired by this terrific event.

Tuesday, November 24th 2009

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