Facebook Fan Page for Mapize
Over the past few years Facebook fan pages have become immensely popular for companies and organizations. To go with the times, we’ve also decided to create a Facebook fan page for Mapize.
However, while there are numerous tips and applications to leverage your brand on Facebook, it’s not so easy to find an optimal way to drive visitors to your fan page without overcharging your space with useless or cumbersome data. Besides some obvious verities (posting interesting content, keeping up the conversation with your fans etc.), there are some extra tips to continuously attract new fans to your page.
Fortunately, there are so many helpful people willing to share their strategies, tips and best practices for creating an engaging Facebook Fan page.

Here are some useful links to create an appealing FB fan page or improve your already existing page:




Take a look at these tricks and suggestions. They could be very useful for any company looking to make their entrance into Facebook.

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Yesterday, Forbes Magazine released the 2010 World’s Billionaires List.
And of course we could not let this event go unnoticed. So, we’ve done it again! Here is our new map of the World’s Billionaires 2010 according to Forbes: http://www.mapize.com/forbes

It should be noted that there have been a number of surprising breakthroughts this year: the world has now a new richest man and there are more billionaires on the list compared with last year (937 billionaires in total).
Just like last year, we localized billionaires on the map to give you a global view of their territorial ranking. You can sort out the billionaires by age or by country. It’s also possible to find some personal data in the information windows (position on the list, net worth, nationality, country of residence).

Want to embed this map into your website or blog ? [size is modifiable]

Direct link to the map : http://www.mapize.com/forbes

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List of Last Week’s Top 3 Maps by Mapize
Once again we’ve compiled the list of last week’s top maps.
These are three maps on different subjects that have different uses. However, they all have one common point: they are very cute!

1. Places to Smoke Cigars: http://epcarrillo.com/places

"Places to Smoke Cigars" was created to help cigar enthusiasts find places to enjoy premium cigars. The map shows the cigar places (bars, shops, smoking lounges) located in the USA, where you can enjoy smoking. All of them are divided into five categories, representing 5 premium cigar brands. Clicking on an icon on the map opens the information window with the place’s description, address and website.
Nice tool for cigar connoisseurs!

List of Last Week’s Top 3 Maps by Mapize
2. Employee Search Portal: http://laudontech.com/esri-mashup-contest-2010/

This portal is intended for large companies occupying an entire building or one/some floors of the building. If you work for such a company, you know how it can sometimes be difficult to find a colleague’s office. This tool allows to localize on the map all company’s employees and shows their location on the office floor plan with the building's satellite view in Google Maps. You can also find (update or modify if needed) each employee’s profile, add or delete an employee.
Very useful tool for large companies employing numerous stuff.

List of Last Week’s Top 3 Maps by Mapize
3. Ivry Confluences by U-Mapper: http://www.umapper.com/maps/view/id/57745/

This map has been built with the U-Mapper platform to display various urban projects in Ivry city, France. You can see the plan of the sites, parks, buildings to be constructed in the city in the near future. You can also see the site drawing images for some of these sites.

Take a look at these maps and maybe you’ll find something you’re interested in.

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We all love cinema. And a lot of our favorite films have been inspired by different cities which themselves became movie stars.
It’s obvious that the map is the best tool to make us discover or revisit sites where some of the most memorable scenes in the history of cinema took place.
Here are some maps created to help us find the most popular film locations.

Movie Maps
London Movie Map: http://www.filmlondon.org.uk/content.asp?CategoryID=1234

This map displays movies that have been shot in London.
Interview with a Vampire, Wolfman, Match Point, Waterloo Bridge, Brief Encounters, The Omen, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade… All these films have been made in London. And you could know where exactly, thanks to this cool movie map produced by Film London to help visitors to the city discover these cult locations in real life. You can search the map by film genre, from romance to horror or just explore by viewing different parts of London.

Movie Maps
Filmaps : http://www.filmaps.com/films/oceans eleven-ref-79/ eleven-ref-79/

Filmaps shows famous movie locations. It's possible to search the website for a particular movie or, at your option, for a location to see which movie was made there. You can also view the list of the most popular film locations. For example, if you choose Paris, you’ll find a lot of well-known movies made in this city: Amélie, Da Vinci Code, The Bourne Identity and many others. For each of them the exact locations where the movie scenes were shot (landmarks, streets) are given. You can also add a location to movies if you know of one that hasn't already been added.

It’s such an absorbing pastime!

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Regional elections have been held in France since 1986 to elect regional councilors and regional presidents for each of 26 regions: all elected to serve 6-year terms.
With the approach of the elections 2010 that will be held on March 14 -21, we’ve decided to highlight this event by localizing candidates for the Corsica Region on the map.

Map of Regional Elections in Corsica by Mapize

On the whole, there are 11 listings of each party’s candidates (51 candidates by list), which makes 561 candidates in total.

Each list contains the photo of a party’s representative, which is shown on the map according to his (her) location.

Hopefully, this map will arouse public interest in the forthcoming elections and help local voters know better their candidates.


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More and more mashups are being created to help home buyers find any kinds of real estate properties including apartments, condominiums, homes, villas, residential and commercial lots. Now anyone can search for properties on the map by location, price and type of property, which considerably eases the house-hunters' task. Here is a list of some of these nice tools.

Real Estate Maps
1. Housing Maps: http://www.housingmaps.com/

It’s one of the first Google Maps and real-estate mashups. To search for a property you can choose the city and set the price range or just drag the map with your mouse.
By clicking on a green icon you can select a city. An information window containing 4 categories will open: For Rent, For Sale, Rooms, and Sublets. By clicking on any of them you will access the list of properties with further description and pictures (yellow icons).

Real Estate Maps

2. Itssold Real Estate Map: http://www.itssold.ca/

In addition to the previous map’s features Itssold.ca provides a slide-bar to allow users to define the range of price that they are interested in. It also includes slide-bars to define the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms, the property size etc.
The information windows provide property details and photos. Clicking on the 'more photos' link loads a photo slideshow in place of the map.

Real Estate Maps
3. Property maps: http://www.propertymaps.com/

PropertyMaps is a real-estate search engine using data from various Multiple Listing Services (MLS). You can search there for homes and condos for sale, as well as research surrounding neighborhoods and real estate locations. To launch the search, enter zip code or city name in the search box. You can also use additional filtering at option: Property type, Price Range, Number of bedrooms, Number of bathrooms etc.

These tools show once again that things become really easier with maps. Try them out and maybe you'll find your dream home!

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Today, there is a growing social interest in environmental impact and climate related issues. In response to this public demand, various maps have been created to inform people about current environmental issues or even encourage them to contribute their own observations.

So, we tried to make a round-up of some interesting maps on this subject.

Maps of Environmental Issues
1. Eye on Earth EEA and Microsoft Bing Mapping : http://eyeonearth.cloudapp.net/

The Eye on Earth platform is a joint venture between the European Environment Agency (EEA) and Microsoft. The tool provides such features as Air Quality, Air Quality Model, and Bathing Waters. Therewith, Air Quality data is provided from Official EEA sources as well as from Bing Maps user feedbacks.
Furthermore, language support covers all European languages.

Maps of Environmental Issues
2. Reegle Maps : http://www.reegle.info/map

Reegle Maps is a Google Maps based portal to global news in the field of Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency.
You can view on the map sustainable energy news for countries around the world. It is possible to click on a country on the map and then view 'News', 'Key Events' and 'Country Profiles' by clicking on the options in the map sidebar. You can also view energy statistics for Europe by selecting the year and data set from the drop down menus above the map.

Maps of Environmental Issues
3. Geo.me global Climate data : http://labs.geo.me/climate_data

Based on the data set showing the monthly average temperature values released by the UK Met Office, Geo.me has produced this mashup, which provides the data for over 1,500 land stations around the world. It is possible to use the search forms or just click the markers on the map to find and view data for each land station, including its location, nearby stations, current weather and a plot of monthly average temperatures stretching back more than 300 years in some cases.

All these maps illustrate the initiatives taken to inform people of worldwide environmental news, events, projects and statistics.

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Mapize at GeoIn Talk 2010 Conference
Mapize team attended the GeoIn Talk 2010 Conference on Geospatial and Mapping Solutions, which was held on Monday 1st February in Paris.
Over 80 participants (including 7 speakers) from all over the country have joined this event. The speeches dealt with various data localization issues, such as geospatial business intelligence, the use of public transport data, new navigation approaches, traffic data localization, mobile tourism etc.
It has been a very enriching experience for us to learn more about new mapping trends and to share our ideas with other conference attendants during the cocktail party.

Thanks to GeoInWeb team for organizing such a great conference and to all who have made a commitment to this event!

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Have good weather with maps!
Since we all depend on the weather to a certain degree, the maps enabling to get weather forecasts for any location in the world are proving very popular.
Here are some beautiful weather maps we liked:

1. It is Shineline: http://www.isitsunshine.com/

This wonderful Google Maps mashup displays the main weather characteristics (temperature, wind, cloud cover, precipitation, pressure etc.) for any location in the world. You can search for a specific location or just drag and zoom the map and the weather will dynamically load for your chosen location. Very fancy and useful!

2. UMapper weather map: http://www.umapper.com/blog/?p=2009

From now on, you can easily create your own weather map with the UMapper tool. Just add weather temperatures and five day forecasts for anywhere in the world to your created maps.
Take a look at the above video to see how it could be done:

Hopefully, you’re in a good mood even if the weather is not terrific :)

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Mapize lists last week's top 3 maps
While carrying out our own mapping project, we also care for the interactive maps made by others. Thus, we compiled the list of the maps that amazed us last week.

1. Live aircraft tracking by Casper: http://casper.frontier.nl/

Casper map displays flight movements around Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam). The system provides lots of cool features and information about the flights:

• Flight-related data (altitude, speed, aircraft) is displayed in real time ;
• The night can be distinguished from the day on the map;
• It is possible to show flights for any day on the map by selecting a date from the calendar (Replay).
• There is a cool feature that enables making the planes move up to 100 times faster on the map ;

Very impressive tool !

Mapize lists last week's top 3 maps
2. City Distance Calculator : http://www.distancefromto.net/

This tool measures the distance between two cities or locations and displays the route on the map. To calculate the distance between 2 cities or places you need to type city or location name or just drag the points to desired location!
Really nice and useful tool!

3. Tracking the Nation’s Bank Failures: http://s.wsj.net/public/resources/documents/info-Failed_Banks-sort.html

This beautiful map of U.S. bank failures, since the beginning of 2008, was built by the Wall Street Journal. All data sets are detailed and well presented. The map offers impressive graphics. And the round markers are perfect to illustrate the bank failure problem.
Mapize lists last week's top 3 maps

We were very pleased to discover these interesting and useful maps and hope you’ll appreciate them too!

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Mapize team wishes you a very Happy New Year!
We want to wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year 2010! We hope this coming year will be challenging and successful for all who want to carry out their projects.
2009 was a crucial year for us. First, we started our new mapping project. And we put our hope in it because we believe that a map is the most appealing, effective and simple way of organizing and presenting all kinds of data.
And then we moved to the new corporate office that we share with our friends WMaker and Duo Apps companies. The event was widely covered by the local media which in turn created the right buzz for us. Hopefully, we all will succeed in our business!

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Results of the MashupAustralia Contest
After some weeks of suspense, judges have finally announced the winners of the MashupAustralia Contest.
Unfortunately, we did not win a prize, but we’re very proud to be involved and to make our humble contribution to the competition by releasing government data on open terms. After all, our Darwin Map has still been featured in the article on the Government 2.0 Taskforce website among some other great applications submitted to the contest: http://gov2.net.au/blog/2009/11/18/australia-you-have-been-mashed/

As for the winning mashups, here is a list of these excellent applications:


Congratulations to all winners and participants to this terrific contest!

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Mapize Back Office is currently being developed
We're currently working on the back-office for our new map creation tool Mapize. It’s a really crucial stage of our tool development, as the outcome of your future projects totally depends on how thoughtful our ideas were and how accurately we put them into life. Indeed, this is where your maps will be built. This is where you could create your content, add your markers, categories, layers etc. This is why we’ll do our best to make this space ergonomic and easy to use.
There is a rough sketch of the first page. To be continued...

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CampusPlex Inauguration Party
The inauguration of our new corporate office called the CampusPlex was held last Thursday in Ajaccio.
We received more than 200 guests. Among them were representatives of the press, radio, and television, clients, friends and parents of our teams’ members.
The agenda of events was particularly interesting and dynamic. In the morning we met the guests at the airport. Then, after a business lunch there were 6 workshops set up to discuss the companies’ burning issues and offers.
One of our workshops dealt with Google Maps based mashups as well as with implementation best practices. And it seemed that people got interested in this project!
And of course there was a great party at night!
Now when it’s over and we returned to our daily work, we still stay inspired by this terrific event.

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We moved to Campus Plex!
This Thursday the inauguration of our new corporate office will be finally held! 300 invitations have been sent and a lot of boxes of champagne are in store…
We share this great office with our friends WMaker and DuoApps companies.
It’s a very spacious and modern place having a really inspiring environment, which is essential for working to our fullest potential. And of course we hope to develop and carry out lots of new projects here!

I promise to post some photos of the party at the end of this week.

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Get your Google Wave invitation here!
As you may already know, Google just started handing out Wave invites to their users. And we were a lucky one to get an invite!
Now we score eight invitations of our own that we can hand out to our friends.
So, if you’re interested in receiving your Wave invitation, hurry up and post a comment to this article. The fastest of you will get an invite !

Be quick !

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We participate in MashupAustralia Contest!
Here we are again! There is a new competition we take part in. This time it’s a mashup contest organized by the Australian Government in order to give a practical demonstration of the benefits that open access to Australian public sector information can provide.
We have submitted our new Darwin bus map to this contest and we hope to gain interest of judges and users (and maybe even a prize :)).
Our mashup displays different bus routes and timetables in Darwin city, Australia. With our tool you can view all bus stops, either in real time or by using the timeline, as well as the latest real time traffic information in the city.
If you like the map please go to the MashupAustralia website and cast your vote for our Darwin bus map. It could help us to have good ratings and gain in popularity: http://mashupaustralia.org/mashups/darwin-bus-map/

Hopefully, you’ll find our map nice and useful!

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We started working on our new website design!
As mentioned earlier this week, we’ve got some good news about our mapping tool. So, we’re happy to announce that we’ve finally started working on our new website design. Thus, we’ve entrusted an Ukrainian web design company with the task of creating a dynamic, fresh and fancy design for our website. And here is a screenshot of a part of the home page mockup, which the guys have already sent us. It looks nice, isn’t it?
We’ll keep you informed of further news in the days to come!

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Road Map for Mapize beta version
As promised, here is the Road Map for core functionalities that will be available for a beta version of our new Mapize mapping solution.
Take a look of what we’ve got planned for our new tool and post your suggestions on how this road map could be improved. Any ideas on the features you’d like to add are welcome!
Thanks to all of you for your contribution!

P.S. And there is some more good news on our tool, which will be announced on Wednesday. Stay in touch! :)

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Encouraged by the success of our Disasters Map we’ve started thinking out a new Mapize mapping solution. This generic tool will enable anyone to build maps strictly according to his/her requirements. In the weeks to come we will keep you informed of the course of events with our Road Map of the beta testing version, which will be published soon on our blog.
However, the road map has not been fixed yet. So if you want to contribute to our project you are welcome to tell us your ideas on the features you’d like to add to our initial list. Be imaginative and make your contribution to our project!

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