Some New Features For Mapize
As mentioned earlier, we are participating in Apps For Californians, an application development contest. And our submission (Social Map of California Colleges and Universities) has given us rise to add some new features to Mapize.

The first one is the radius of specified distance (km) that you can now add to each map marker. This feature offers better visibility of various activities around a particular marker, such as Foursquare checkins (or tweets), for example. And it’s the second new feature that gives you the possibility to display Foursquare checkins within this radius.
We’ve also improved the existing Twitter feature, which now provides better results when locating your Twitter friends and followers.

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Social Map of California Colleges & Universities
This is our new mashup that has been submitted to Apps For Californians - a web application development contest focused on enhancing government transparency and services.

The map aims to geolocate social activity around universities and colleges in California. For this purpose, we have used the Foursquare API as well as public data provided by the State of California.

Social Map of California Colleges & Universities displays online social activity around each of the geolocated educational institutions and enables you to view most popular places among the students. To see Foursquare check-ins the user should select the needed institution on the map and click on its marker.

The map also offers a statistics tool to monitor recent data (2010) on the student population of each institution (for colleges only), including age, ethnicity and gender of members.

Databases and APIs used for the map:

- Geographic Data from

• Community Colleges -
• Independent Colleges -
• State Universities -
• Universities of California -

- Statistical data of California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office
- Google Maps API
- Foursquare API


- Radius of specified distance (km) around each map marker
- Foursquare check-ins by the students of each institution

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Facebook Places is officially launched
Zuckerberg & Co have finally unveiled Places, their new geolocation check-in service.
Unfortunately, for now Places is only available in the US. So, at the moment our judgment can only be based on detailed (but usually subjective) publications about this service. Thus, there is a wealth of articles castigating Facebook for their privacy policy (for Facebook’s opponents here are some scathing publications like Facebook Places: Your Friends Are Here, But What About Your Privacy? or Privacy Group Voices Concerns About Facebook Places).
However, we decided to stay unprejudiced and not to plunge into the sea of criticism for the new Facebook's creation. In brief, we tried to sum up what you can really do with Facebook Places:

It seems that Places is using both Google Maps and Bing Maps.
The application allows you to:

- Check-in to different venues
- See who is in your neighborhood ("Here Now" feature)
- Get notifications when your friends check in your proximity
- Tag photos and friends while checking into locations (do not worry! You can remove tags if you wish)
- Create a news feed item showing your check-in location

And even though Facebook’s privacy controls are far from being perfect, the good point of Places is that, when you start checking in, the default setting enables ONLY your friends to see your activity! Plus, you are free to customize your privacy settings by selecting the closest friends who will have the privilege to view your location data.

Hopefully we could soon test out Places ourselves. And who knows, maybe the Places feature will soon be added to our Mapize platform!

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TechCrunch and other Medias About Mapize
This week, at the CampusPlex we’ve had the honor of welcoming Roxanne Varza from TechCrunch France. For those who do not know, TechCrunch is one of the biggest blogs on Web 2.0 and technology news worldwide.

The goal of Roxanne's visit was to learn more about the tech/startup activity in Corsica, with the CampusPlex being the top item on her agenda.

Today, in her article on TechCrunch Europe, Roxanne briefed on outcome of this visit. And we were really happy to see that this article highlighted our Mapize mapping platform among other great CampusPlex’s projects (WMaker and DuoApps).

Thank you so much for your appreciation!

Yet, it’s not the first publication about us this summer: two weeks ago we made the headline of Nestoria Australia blog. Nestoria is a British vertical search engine for real estate, now available in almost all European countries.

Nestoria Australia published the big interview with Mapize’s team in their regular column, where they interview thought-leaders from the realm of internet technology and new media businesses.

Hopefully, these publications will help boost interest in our activity and push our solution forward!

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Map of Wildfires in Russia
Russia is being ravaged by hundreds of forest and peat-bog fires as the nation battles against record heat. Today the death toll from wildfires reaches 50.

A lot of maps locating the fires have been created in order to inform people about the current situation and track the new hotbeds of fire.

Russian-Fires built a map aimed at showing actual fires, blocked roads but above all helping find fire aid points, as well as temporary accommodation for fire victims.

All the mapped data is classified into different categories. For example, to find information about people willing to help you can choose the category Want to Help in the right-side sidebar, then select the needed sub-category (Non-food Items, Transport, Food, Money etc).

To view data for different periods of time you can use either the time-line or the chronological list of fires above the map.

Personally, I can imagine how terrible the situation is: my parents have nearly lost their country house (dacha) in a forest fire near Voronezh, Southern Russia. It was saved by a miracle, just because the wind suddenly changed direction.

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Map of France’s Richest People by Mapize
We’ve mapped twice the World’s Billionaires ranking by Forbes (2009 and 2010). And now Challenges magazine has released the 2010 France’s biggest fortunes list.

This subject has never left us cold, and our new map highlights France’s Richest People 2010 as estimated by Challenges.
514 billionaires and millionaires from all over France (individuals and families) have been located on the map to let you easily find more information about each of them. The map’s information windows contain some personal data about the wealthiest people in France (position on the list, net worth, type of business, company address etc).

Have a look at our map, may be you’ll find yourself there:)

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Australian Arts on the Map
I’ve just found a great map and I’d like to share it with you.

The Australia Council that supports Australian artists to create, present and publish their work provided a new awesome way to explore the arts. Nearly 200 art companies currently funded by the Australia Council have been mapped to give visitors a global view of their territorial ranking (both Google Maps and Google Earth views are provided).

To explore the map you need to select the type of art project and the region of Australia you are interested in. Or you can just select the tour option and the flying tour will be created to show you all the companies one by one. The nice red kangaroo map markers provide information windows with each company's details, including the latest digital stories and updates created by the companies.

It’s a really smart way to promote art projects!

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This is a very special month for us here at Mapize. Last week, our location-based solution for creating customizable and embeddable maps was finally kicked off!

Mapize is launched in Beta!
Today Mapize is mainly a social mapping tool that enables you to create and customize your own maps based on the most popular social services such as Twitter and Foursquare. With Mapize, anyone can map their updates and check-ins and share them with other people through a blog or website. Very soon new features will be added to let you map your Facebook friends and your favorite Youtube videos!

With the beta version of Mapize you can build and embed to your website or blog the maps displaying:

- Your own content (an unlimited number of markers are at your disposal)
- Geotagged tweets of your followers
- Geotagged tweets of your Twitter friends
- Your favorite hashtags
- Your Foursquare check-ins

Mapize is launched in Beta!
Mapize offers multiple options to customize your map’s design and add numerous features, in accordance with your needs.

Though hardly perfect, Mapize is constantly evolving, with a lot of new useful map features that will be integrated in the weeks to come.

So, come to test Mapize and create your own maps FOR FREE at !

All your comments and suggestions are highly welcome!

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2010 FIFA World Cup Map
A couple of weeks ago, we discovered an interesting competition run on the Sports Facebook Page to encourage football fans worldwide to support their teams by voting for their countries.

This idea has inspired us to create a map devoted to the 2010 FIFA World Cup that will start on June 11th in South Africa and will be the culmination of a qualification process that began in August 2007.

The map involves 32 countries. Each marker shows the number of fans who have voted for this country. For example, you can see that Chile has the most passionate football fans (more than 405, 000 votes!). Each marker includes an information window with two tabs: Country and Matches. It shows some country stats, such as internet population, FIFA ranking, World Cup Victories and 2010 World Cup matches.

The map also displays the 10 stadiums in South Africa that will host the World Cup. Information windows contain stadium photos and details (name, city, construction type, completion date and gross capacity).

You can view as well the World Cup related tweets and see people around the world talking about this event.
Want to support your team? Be active, vote for your country and see the overall results on the 2010 FIFA World Cup Map !

If you like our map, just click on the Facebook button on the map and join our community.

Do you want to win an iPad?
Well, If you are interested, we invite you to take part in our upcoming contest that will mark the launch of the beta for our Mapize mapping platform. And the prize will be none other than your very own iPad!
For a detailed description of the contest, follow our updates on Facebook. We will give you more information about the rules and dates very soon.

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Map of Corsican Rural Routes
Last week we took part in the Annual Agriculture Fair staging various Corsican small and medium agricultural producers, including horticultural growers and exporters.

The event was organized by the CREPAC (Association aimed at encouraging and promoting local agriculture) with the purpose of empowering small and medium level private growers to play a vital role in regional economy.

At this fair we presented our new map localizing different Rural Tourism Routes and various growers and manufacturers (wine, cheese, sausages, sculpture, jewelry etc.) in Corsica:

The map enables visitors to Corsica to easily find hotels, inns and local growers' shops in different Corsican regions. The information windows give addresses, contact information and description of each point. The map is made with the use of the Google Earth Plug-in, which allows to view the mountain relief by choosing the Earth tab.
And very soon Rural Routes in Sardinia, Liguria and Toscana will also be added to the map.

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We finally launched our Mapize Facebook Fan Page!
I’ve already touched upon the tips and tricks for business Facebook fan pages. As mentioned earlier, we've also decided to create the Facebook fan page for Mapize, which would help us create our own community and keep our visitors in the loop of the latest company news and upcoming events as well as hold various map-related contests and games.
To make our entrance into Facebook we’ve checked out the already existing best practices and have chosen those which better corresponded to our targets.

Now we are happy to share with you some tips that we used to create our own Mapize Facebook Fan page. Hopefully, you’ll find this information useful.

To catch visitors’ attention at once and provide better visibility of our brand we used a 200 x 600 pixel logo for our profile, which is much larger than the standard profile picture.

While there are numerous tips and applications to leverage your brand on Facebook, it’s not so easy to find an optimal way to drive visitors to your fan page without overcharging your Wall with useless or cumbersome data. To avoid this situation we set up the tab Mapize as a landing page, i.e. the space our new visitors will view first when they enter our fan page. And people who already like our page will land directly on the Page Wall.
We’ve also added the large picture and Mapize logo to let new visitors immediately discover our company’s identity and the comments box to let them leave comments directly on the landing page.
To set up the landing page, click on ‘Edit Page’ > ‘Wall Settings’ > then on ‘Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else’ chose the tab which you want to present first when new users enter your Facebook page.

To enable ourselves using original tabs we added to our fan page the Static FBML application. This app allows to replace or supplement traditional tabs (Info, Photos etc.) with more personalized ones.
Thus, we created a Video tab to present the music videos for our maps, which will help our visitors discover our maps and better understand how they can use them.
For a start we added 3 videos illustrating our: Forbes Billionaires Map, Darwin Bus Map and Book Map. And of course we will add more maps in the course of time.
As the page has just been published and there's not enough information, we decided to connect it to our blog, so that visitors could get a general idea of our activity. Within the next few days, we will add the Contest tab, which will enable us to build diverse mapping contests.
We’ll also add the Twitter tab to let people follow our Twitter updates.

The Poll application allows to get feedback from your visitors. A poll can be a casual way to get a read from your fans about a new product, a new page design, or your business in general.
You should simply ask your burning question in the poll settings. And our first question was: What kind of map would you like to see next?
We’ve chosen to publish our polls to the custom tab but it also can be popped into your left-hand navigation where visitors can click anytime they come to your Page.

Certainly, we are only beginners and have a lot of things to learn, but my guess is that the best way to make your page engaging is to post interesting content and keep the conversation going with your fans! :)

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Drive the iconic A-Team van in Google Earth!
The A—Team is a big screen adaptation of the 80’s TV series about a fictional group of ex-US Army Special Forces who work as soldiers of fortune while being on the run from the military after being branded as war criminals for a crime they didn't commit.

The movie will be released on June 11, 2010. So, to create buzz and promote the upcoming premiere the virtual tour in Google Earth has been created: You can choose the destination and drive the A-team van there. Just click on the "Drive the Van" button, download the secure Google Earth plug-in and away you go!

You can also find some challenges to unlock video content for Speed, Distance, Jumps and Crashes. For example, you must crash a lot to unlock one of the videos.

Try it out and have a nice tour via Google Earth!

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Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Maps
As you know, lots of media sources are already leveraging location information to engage customers via new mapping data.
The Washington Post is one of them. This time the renowned journal has produced the map to track the potential movement of the giant oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico:
The map lets you read the Washington Post articles on the oil spill and also view related agency and Flickr photos. The map involves a great timeline that allows you to refine the map by a specific date-range.
And the clusters are very well done!

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Maps
Here is another great map that lets you follow the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster:
With this map (using the Google Earth Plug-in) you can see the oil spill progress and the extent of the damage caused by this environmental disaster.

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iPad has finally arrived in the CampusPlex!
Even though we have not queued up to buy a much-touted iPad, we have still been waiting several months for delivery! And it’s finally here!
Being smaller than a sheet of typing paper, the device allows to download the 150,000 iPhone applications, plus 1,000 or so unique to the iPad, and stream Netflix movies straight to the screen. And, when turned vertically, its electronic keyboard allows easy thumb-typing for e-mails or Twitter.

iPad has finally arrived in the CampusPlex!
And although it has no Flash video support, no integrated video camera (in this version, anyway) and no phone, this device is a whizz-bang!
You may already know iPad's best features: It's the best way to see the web, e-mail and photos, watch movies and play games, you can also convert subscriptions to your favorite newspapers and magazines to e-versions.

For those who want to know more, here is an article featuring 12 little-known iPad's features:

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Mapping Oprah Winfrey’s No Phone Zone Initiative
Nowadays, there is a strong interest in the use of maps as a support for various promotional, political and sales campaigns.
Thus, to raise awareness and prevent distracted driving, Oprah Winfrey has launched a campaign urging the public and celebrities to make the car a 'No Phone Zone'. And a dedicated Google Map has been created to promote this 'No Phone Zone' initiative:

The Pledge Map shows real-time pledges by individuals in the USA and Canada to make their cars 'No Phone Zones'. By clicking on a highlighted state name on the map (in the 'Get Involved' tab) you can view the cell phone laws in different states: the restrictions on texting, hands-free and hand-held phone use.

You can also contribute to the campaign by making a pledge not to use your mobile phone while driving and see yourself appear on the map.

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One of the most pleasant purposes of a map is to let us discover new travel destinations and routes. Indeed, when we plan our vacation trip the map allows us to find more information on the country of destination, hotels, famous landmarks and places to visit etc. In brief, it helps us organize our dream trip.

Travel Maps
Vtravelled website is a real catch for travel lovers. It’s a great service for discovering the most exciting travel destinations, finding (and sharing!) a wealth of information about countries all around the world: transport, climate, hotels, restaurants, landmarks, visas and so on. You can find your destination on a Google Map, then read the destination guide and see lots of amazing pictures. Registered users can also add their review and post their own pictures that will appear on the map. You can also find the list of the most desirable and most visited destinations, which will guide you in this variety of wonderful tours.

Travel Maps
Travellr is a travel questions & answers website that enables you to connect with like-minded travellers, explore new destinations and share your experience. Just ask your travel questions and get answers from Travellr community members who know. It’s a very handy service for those who want to get useful hints from experienced travellers.
You can also find a needed destination on a Google Map. Clicking on an information window shows country, region or city details (depending on the zoom level) as well as top (or nearby) cities or countries and popular topics.

Have a good trip with maps!

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Mapping Scotland's information landscape
Scotland's Information is a service for identifying, locating and accessing the locations of Scotland’s library, archive and museum collections on Google Maps.
This collective mashup was undertaken for the Scottish Library and Information Council (SLIC) and developed by the Centre for Digital Library Research (CDLR) at the University of Strathclyde.

All service facilities can be used through mouse-clicks; no keyboard is necessary.
You can choose which collections to locate on the map through a variety of clickable interfaces:

• A static map of Scottish unitary authorities
• Tag clouds (metadata by distinct words or phrases)
• Alphabetical lists

Mapping Scotland's information landscape
Before accessing the Google Map you should click on a region on the clickable static map or choose the name of the region in the list (the number of locations marked on a Google Map is too great to be displayed at once). You can specify information domains to be displayed. It’s possible to include all three information domains (archives, libraries, museums) in the display, or restrict it to a single domain.
This great example of a collective mashup demonstrates once more how the map can streamline cumbersome data and organize any kind of information in a simple, readable and engaging way.

Actually, we will soon launch the similar map built for the French Book Association (Le Motif). The map will localize all the libraries, bookstores and book-related events in the Ile-de-France region.
I'll give you more details very soon.

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Over the past week, everybody has been talking about the extraordinary impact of the Icelandic volcano eruption. Indeed, the volcanic ash cloud has halted air traffic all over Europe and made airspace across much of Europe a no-fly zone. The cloud has paralyzed air cargo delivery and disrupted business and leisure travel. Air travel disruption costs airlines about $200 million a day. Not surprisingly, the event has been widely mapped.

Volcanic Ash Cloud Maps
One of the first maps on the subject is the Mibazaar's Flight Delay Tweet Map showing the latest tweets from Europe and the Eastern USA that mention 'volcano' or 'ash'.
The map is centered on the latest tweets on the subject. And you can easily see the ash cloud related news appear in different parts of the map.

Volcanic Ash Cloud Maps
The Radar Virtuel plane tracking website allows to watch the ash cloud directly on the Google Map. So, you can see the current location of the cloud (Central Europe at the present time) and follow its future direction changes.

We hope your vacation or business trip has not been cancelled due to this annoying cloud!

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Tweets from around the world with Tweet Maps
Though the phenomenon of Tweet Maps is quite recent, it’s proving ever more popular. It’s very cool indeed to see the real-time tweets appear on the overall map, which not only provides their territorial ranking but also helps you find Twitter users close to you.
Streamdin ( is one of these mashups that lets you read tweets from the people you follow, view your direct messages etc. In brief, it provides all the usual Twitter features, but with the use of Google Maps. So, you can center the map on your current location or filter the tweets to display Twitter updates about a specific topic within a specified region.
This tool can be used to track the buzz about a product and discover news as it happens.

To be honest, we will get back to the topic very soon…

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Where 2.0 Conference in San Jose
The sixth Where 2.0 Conference that annually brings together the people, projects and location-aware issues, is now being held in San Jose, CA.
The lucky ones who have grabbed the opportunity to attend this awesome event joined developers, technologists, CTOs, researchers, geographers, academics, business developers and entrepreneurs from all over the world to debate the latest mind-bending Web 2.0 technologies and trends.

One of the three main Where 2.0 program tracks is Mapping for Consumers. Multiple mapping sessions are thus being held to discuss mapping accessibility, 3D and open data. It’s pretty obvious now that location is a requisite feature, helping us to make more informed choices. And lots of businesses, institutions, organizations and media sources are already leveraging location information to engage customers via new mapping data.
And one of the sessions titled « Why Wall Street Is Learning to Love Interactive Mapping » actually deals with the reasons why the renowned journal has started integrating geodata into its business intelligence applications.
If you want to stay informed about the conference’s news you can track out speakers’ slides, videos and photos and even access the Keynotes live stream on the Where 2.0 website:

Stay in the loop!

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