LeWeb’11: Short Review and Personal Feedback
This year's LeWeb was bigger than ever. The conference lived up to its reputation of the largest European tech event by gathering entrepreneurs, startups, investors, VCs, journalists and bloggers from more than 60 countries around the world.

This year’s theme ‘SoLoMo’ (short of Social, Local and Mobile) has been chosen to feature the most interesting tech trend of the year 2011.

It was hard to choose between speeches and networking, as there were lots of great and inspiring speakers not to miss! Starting from Karl Lagerfeld who opened the conference by showing how he uses Internet and gadgets in his creative process.

For us personally, apart from our favourites, such as Dennis Crowley, Kevin Rose or Alexander Ljung, we were absolutely captivated by the Q&A session with the visionary Evernote’s founder and CEO Phil Libin.

Another integral part of LeWeb - the Startup Competition was co-organized with TechCrunch Europe this year. The top 3 finalists selected among more than 600 submitted applications came to pitch their projects in front of thousands of spectators.

The first prize went to a gamification startup Beintoo. A social-polling platform HeyCrowd had the second place, and the third place went to Babelverse, an application for real-time interpretation in different languages.

As for Mapize, we had the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people including the users of our tripsQ who gave us their smart feedback, which can considerably help us improve the project! We also organized a meetup with a very cool @dens and met the great foursquare community in Paris.

The latest updates will be posted very soon. Stay in touch!

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Startup Café, Map for Google and other news
Last week was quite eventful for us.

Firstly, Google and its partners (HEC Paris, Sciences Po etc.) finally launched the Startup Café platform dedicated to supporting companies.

For this project, we teamed up with Google and APCE (French agency for entrepreneurship) to add to the platform a geolocated directory of organizations and institutions providing support to entrepreneurs.

Our own FX Cardi attended the project launch event held last Wednesday at Startup Café. And, of course, we are glad to make our humble contribution to such a useful project that aims to guide companies and entrepreneurs on various topics.

Another great news for us was a recent foursquare blog post dedicated to travel featuring our tripsQ.

We want to thank once again our friends from foursquare and of course you, our users, who have been very active lately.

Actually, the number of people who joined tripsQ over the last three months is really impressive. So, we feel it’s really necessary to get back to this project and make something cool out of it.

Stay tuned!

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Checking in with Dennis Crowley in Cannes
If you are as passionate about Foursquare as we are, I’m sure you will be interested to know that last Saturday we met up with none other than Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley himself.
It was a great and quite spontaneous event pulled together in just a few days.

Once we knew Dennis was in Cannes to speak at the Cannes Lions Festival we contacted Foursquare and proposed to organize a meetup with the local 4sq community.

And to our surprise, despite his crazy schedule, Dennis accepted to meet us!

Of course, the main theme of the event was Foursquare’s incredible new milestone. For those unaware, last week Foursquare surpassed the 10 million user mark (see a “sweet visualization” on the above photo).

The meetup was held in a beach party format and everybody could exchange a few words with “the coolest CEO ever” and his girlfriend Chelsa.

Dennis answered people’s questions about a $50 million fundraising (the latest news announced just the day before the meetup), Foursquare’s plans for the future and lots of other curious things…

For instance, we learned that Dennis had made his first checkin in 2004 via his then geolocation service Dodgeball.

Thanks once again to all those who helped organize this awesome event and who came to say hi.
We hope this kind of meetups will become a good tradition and will help evangelize Foursquare in France!

You can find more photos on the Meetup page.

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As I mentioned last week, we participated in the Open Data Challenge. And last Friday, after some weeks of suspense, the winning projects were finally published!

Unfortunately, we did not win any price this time but we discovered a lot of powerful and really useful apps leveraging open government data.

Here are some of the first price winners:

The first price idea was to create a mobile application facilitating citizens' participation in urban planning decisions (learn more).

The first price for the app went to a Slovak application uncovering influential people standing behind companies successful in securing contracts with the state. It’s a very nicely designed and easy to use tool, which could help route out corruption and illegal influence in any country: http://znasichdani.sk/l?l=en

The first price visualization was the Bike Share Map showing the current state of bike share networks in over 30 cities around the world: http://bikes.oobrien.com/

And one of our favorites was the 3rd price visualization from Netherlands showing word clouds of Dutch politicians' key words: http://www.politiekinzicht.com/. Funny and well visualized idea!

To find out about other winners go to the Open Data Challenge home page.

And here is a nice selection of the shortlisted entries. More entries will be added in the weeks to come.

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Visualize your travels with tripsQ!
tripsQ is our first data visualization application that aims to help people make full use of the data they’ve generated while travelling, by turning their check-ins in the airports into various travel statistics.

Everyone who uses Foursquare can easily sign in to tripsQ and visualize his trips and travel itineraries.

The Beta version of tripsQ also provides users with detailed statistics on the distance they’ve travelled, the amount of CO² they’ve produced during each trip and other information about their travels.

The goal of tripsQ is to save your travel history as well as to make you use previously unused data hidden in your cell phones and data bases.

There are some new cool features coming soon:

The first one will help socialize your travel by showing the tips left by your friends in each of the cities you visit.

Another one will aggregate various connected data: amount of weight you’ve lost/put on (WiThings), number of steps you’ve taken (Fitbit), the distance you’ve walked during each trip.

So, if you like Foursquare, data & dataviz, sign up for tripsQ and visualize your trips!

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New dataviz! Open Innovation in France
We just finished working on our new dataviz for our friends from bluenove, leader in Open Innovation services in France.

This infographic was created based on the results of a recent survey on the subject of “Open Innovation” carried out by bluenove in over 60 big companies in France.

The dataviz sheds light on HOW French companies apply the open Innovation strategy, WHAT are the risks, barriers and advantages related to open innovation. It also shows the gap between France and the USA in the field of OI. For example, in 2011 41,2% of French big companies are at an early stage of implementing OI strategies vs. 49% of American companies in 2009!

On the whole, we can see that even though most respondents acknowledge the risks associated with open innovation (intellectual property-related risks etc.), they are still confident that the OI strategy can be worthwhile for their companies.

Here's what the infographic looks like.

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Our new app for Open Data Challenge
Here we are again! Last Saturday we submitted our new dataviz application to the Open Data Challenge: Europe’s biggest ever public data competition challenging designers, developers, journalists, researchers and the general public to come up with something useful, valuable or interesting using open public data.

Our entry, the Transparent School application, aims to map higher education institutions in Paris and its region and present in a visual way various statistics about these institutions.

As a bonus feature, we added to the map Foursquare tips and special offers from local businesses around the geolocated institutions.

- Map of all higher education institutions in the Paris region, which enables content filtering by type, supervisory ministry or administrative status and displays Foursquare tips and special offers around each of the institutions

- Dashboard which gives a breakdown of institutions by district (graph), by status and by type (pie charts)

- Charts visualizing some statistics from the Real Estate Directory for Higher Education Institutions, including the largest site owner, top 6 site owners etc.

The app was created based on the “Real Estate Directory for Higher Education Institutions” dataset taken from the PARISDATA website and the Foursquare API.

This application can be useful for those who want to know more about the higher education ecosystem in the Paris region.

It also can help students find interesting places to visit around their institutions (Foursquare tips & specials).

Stay in touch and we will keep you informed about contest updates!

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Google: We were there!
Last Thursday we were at Google France in Paris to meet Mano Marks (Google Senior Developer Advocate) and two other representatives from Google’s Swiss and UK headquarters to talk about geoweb, open data & dataviz challenges.

Within the framework of Google Geo Road Show in Europe Mano visited Paris to meet French geo community, with geo services & big data visualization at the top of his agenda.

And we were very honoured to be invited to meet Mano and his European colleagues at Google France.

We discussed our open data projects, Google’s new geo features and services (it seems that Fusion Tables is a pretty awesome tool that can help us resolve some of our technical problems) and the big data issues.

It was a great and very useful discussion and we got added evidence that there were lots of things to do in this area. We hope to integrate some of the new geo features in Mapize in the months to come.

After the meeting, there was a very interesting conference on Big Data Visualization with Google Geo held by Mano Marks in Telecom ParisTech (prestigious French engineering school).

P.S. In the picture above, you can see one of the nice Google Maps t-shirts we were given!

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Foursquare Day in Paris

As some of you may already know, April 16th is Foursquare Day. To encourage their fans around the world to get together and celebrate this event Foursquare has created a special badge and logo for this 4sqday. So we can unlock a 4sqday new badge by checking in on April 16th!

Foursquare has also created the official event on Meetup to help local communities plan their 4sqday.
Here is a meetup event planned for Paris: http://www.meetup.com/foursquare/Paris-FR/87940/

Some cities (unfortunately, not Paris) even officially proclaimed April 16th, 2011 as Foursquare Day. But anyway, we were happy to see that Paris was the first European city to get over 50 people signed up for the 4sqday meetup event.

At Mapize, we are big fans of 4sq, so we participate in organizing this local 4sqday event in Paris.
There are currently 70 "Count Me Ins" for the meetup, and all those who are in Paris on 4/16 are welcome to join us!

Stay tuned for updates on meetup !

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Mapize visualizes Forbes List of the World's Billionaires
For the third year running, we’re mapping the world’s richest people according to Forbes magazine's annual ranking.

However, this year we tried not to confine ourselves to mapping the billionaires, but create a sort of dashboard visualizing some statistics on the world’s richest people in 2010-2011.

So, we looked at the 2010 and 2011 lists and visualized some interesting facts about the world's billionaires and their fortunes. For instance, our ForbesBoard shows:

- The total number of billionaires in the world
- Their combined and average net worth
- The top 3 billionaires in the world
- The average age and different age groups of billionaires (interactive graph)
- The types of their fortunes (interactive pie chart)
- The top 3 countries with the highest number of billionaires
- The top 3 companies with the highest number of billionaires

You can also compare data for 2010 and 2011.
And of course, just like the last two years, we mapped the billionaires according to their geographical location (with some personal data in the information windows). However, this time the map comes with a list view, where you can find the catalog including detailed information about the billionaires.

Just take a look at our ForbesBoard to find out more about the world’s billionaires.

Mapize visualizes Forbes List of the World's Billionaires

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Mapize to speak at the upcoming Mobile 2.0 Conference in Paris
The Mobile 2.0 Conference will be held on March 8-9, in Paris. For the fourth year running, this event will bring together experts in the field of mobile solutions and emerging technologies.

Within the framework of the first conference panel supported by our partner bluenove, the speeches dealing with Open Data will be made by the experts in this field.

The panel will start with a presentation of a long-expected opendata.paris.fr initiative launched in January 2011.
And we are very pleased to announce that FX Cardi from Mapize will also give his speech on how data visualization can help leverage open data.

Our friends DuoApps (mobile application development company) will also take part in the event. If you are attending Mobile 2.0 you can visit them at their booth.

Of course, we will keep you informed of the latest conference news …so stay tuned!

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New! Infographic of Civil Registry Open Data
Inspired by the success of our Open Innovation Map, we decided to carry out more data visualization projects.

This time we produced an infographic visualizing open data provided by ParisData website.
This infographic offers visualizations of various civil registry documents such as: birth, marriage, death and acknowledgement of paternity records issued by the Civil Registration Office of Paris.

To present this data we used 3 types of visualization:

The graph displays Births, Marriages etc. indexes for different districts of Paris (from 2004 to 2009).
Each of four curves shows the progress in birth, death etc. registration levels, for each month of a selected year.

The same data is displayed on the map. The size of the clusters indicates how many civil status acts have been issued for each district of Paris (from 2004 to 2009).

Each of these four pie charts shows Birth, Marriage, Death and Acknowledgement of Paternity registration levels for the districts of Paris.

And of course, all of these visualizations are interactive. So, you can select the year or district you need and easily compare data for different districts.

This infographic demonstrates once again how data visualization can help leverage open data.
New! Infographic of Civil Registry Open Data

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New! Visualize your data with Mapize
In view of the recent updates on our activities, we added some new content to Mapize’s website.

First of all, we finally added the French version of Mapize. The Russian version is coming soon!

As mentioned before, we were working on the improved version of Mapize to enhance existing mapping features with the new ones.
This improved version is conceived as a tool for visualizing and mapping data. At present we offer you on-demand visualizations of your data that can be presented in different views: map, list, timeline, graph, and dashboard.

So, if you have some data to visualize please do not hesitate to contact us.

New! Visualize your data with Mapize

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New Google Earth Map for Ajaccio City
We once again collaborated with Ajaccio City Hall. This time we made a Google Earth-based map to geotag some of their urban planning and landscape documents. Thus, with this map you can find detailed data on risk prevention planning, zoning projects, sensitive urban areas, historical monuments, archaeological areas and so on.
And the 3D markers we used for the map objects look quite impressive, aren’t they?)

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The Open Innovation Map
We’ve just finished our latest project – The Open Innovation Map made in partnership with our friends bluenove. We teamed up with bluenove to create an interactive database of key players in the field of open innovation. To better visualize the players in OI around the world we used two views:

1. The map to geolocate each OI player.
2. The directory of OI players, which includes detailed information about each member and his network with other subscribers to the OIM.

A new feature we implemented is User-Generated Content (UGC), which enables users to join the project and see themselves appear on the map and on the list. For that, the user must subscribe to the Open Innovation Map as one of the 3 types of OI players:

1. an Ideator, if the user is an Entrepreneur, a Start-Up, a Researcher in a Public or Private Lab, a Developer, an Expert, a Student etc. with a great idea, some intellectual property or an innovative project.
2. a Scout, if the user is a Venture Capital fund, a Corporate Venture or a Startup Partner Program, a Business Angel, a Consulting firm, a Database of 'Ideators', a Blogger, an Event or Conference, a Public or Private Incubator or Cluster, etc. … willing to promote the 'Ideators'.
3. an Open Innovator, if the user is a Major Corporation implementing an Open Innovation strategy and willing to grow an ecosystem and network of Ideators, or if it’s a Public body (city, government related initiative, etc.) with an 'Open Data' project.

If you recognize yourself in one of these descriptions, join the Open Innovation Map, get your badge of Ideator, Scout or Open Innovator and create your own network with other players in open innovation worldwide.

By the way, we'are presenting The Open Innovation Map at the LeWeb conference currently held in Paris.

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Wikileaks Cables Visualisation
The Guardian recently published a great visualisation of the WikiLeaks US embassy cables release. After their interactive map of the most scandalous Wikileaks dispatches, here is a beautiful graphic they built based on the whole dataset broken down, which includes:

1. Cables visualization by location
2. Timeline showing the growth in dispatches
3. Buble charts showing how the cables were classified
4. Bar graph of the top tags for the cables

Wikileaks Cables Visualisation
The graphic covers 251,287 secret US dispatches, from more than 250 US embassies and consulates around the world.

Here is a brief summary:

251,287 dispatches in all
• The embassies which sent most cables were: Ankara, Baghdad, Amman, Kuwait and Tokyo
97,070 of the documents were classified as 'Confidential'
28,760 of them were given the tag 'PTER' (prevention of terrorism)
• The earliest of the cables was sent in 1966. But most of them (56,813) were sent from 2009.

As you can see, even one glance suffices to get a clear insight into this complex and voluminous data.
A picture is worth a thousand words indeed!

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Visualizing 100 Million Calls to New York’s 311 Service
In October, Wired magazine published a great article about New York City's 311 call center. The service was launched in March 2003 to provide citizens with government information and non-emergency services.

The article is accompanied by two stunning visualizations of more than 100 million calls received by the 311 service since its launch. The 2 charts break the data into time and location.

Visualizing 100 Million Calls to New York’s 311 Service

311 offers information about more than 3,600 topics: school closings, recycling rules, homeless shelters, park event etc, but also receives people's "quality-of-life" complaints and queries. Each complaint is logged, tagged, and mapped to make it available for subsequent analysis.

Such visualizations of urban public data can not only give an overview of common city problems, it also can provide insight into ways to solve these problems and improve City government.

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Have fun with F$$$ My Stock
Last week CampusPlex’s companies (Mapize, DuoApps, WMaker, EastPad) teamed up to launch a new corporate project. You’ll definitely like it if you are the sort of person who tends to ask yourself dumb questions like "How much could I’ve won if I had…? ”.

The concept is very simple. F$$$ MyStock is a funny (bitter) way to know your missed profit opportunities on the NASDAQ Stock Market. It enables you to simulate your profit/loss on stock quotes for 11 major IT companies (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nokia…).

So come to know how much you would have won if you had invested in one of IT giants, and share your results with your friends on Twitter or Facebook.

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Mapize at i7 Summit
Last Wednesday we attended the i7 Summit. This global conference on Open Innovation organized by Avise Partners was held near Paris, at the splendid chateau Les Fontaines in Chantilly. This awesome event brought together startups, large corporations, investors, NGOs and media representatives.

The list of participants is quite impressive: Nokia, Siemens, SAP, EDF, Le Monde, our friends Bluenove and others.

Even though we could be present only at the opening of i7 Summit and did not attend further workshops, it was a great experience for us.

Here is an overview of the workshops we took part in.

As a “starter” we had the keynote speech by Adam Richardson, Frog Design 's Creative Director and author of Innovation X.
Adam talked about innovation, misfits and their contribution to innovation and "moonshot" entrepreneurs (in the U.S "moonshot" is the term when you are going to do something big).

Then, within the framework of next two workshops on Open Innovation Perspective and Open Innovation Exercise On The Future Of Medias, we discussed innovation in Europe, cultural barriers to innovations in different countries, why it does/doesn't work for big corporations and of course open innovation in Media. There were some interesting speeches, including, among others, the presentation by David Guiraud, Le Monde's CEO and Philippe Jannet, Interactive Le Monde's CEO. They made an in-depth analysis of the future of interactive media in general and their own new business model implying close collaboration with Apple and Adobe, to be on the edge of innovation.

The conclusion of the day was left to Adam Richardson who made an impressive closing speech on lateral thinking and behavior patterns, which may impede innovation and inhibit thinking out of the box. Adam proposed to reverse the ideas we usually take for granted. Thereby, such provocative questions about media as “What if journalist’s job was to comment advertisement and write articles on it?” or “What if journalists were making the events they talk about ?” occurred to participants.

Thanks and congratulations to all participants and organizers of this great event, which hopefully will become a good tradition!

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Mapize Has Become A Finalist Of Apps For Californians Contest!
Yes, our Social Map of California Colleges & Universities has been selected as one of the 7 finalist applications in the State of California's Apps for Californians competition.

And even though we were not among the top five winners, it was a great pleasure for us to receive a congratulatory message from the eServices Office of the State of California! It's also very flattering to know that each of the winners and finalists will be featured on the State of California website.

I'd also remind you that the map is absolutely generic. It took us only several hours to build it (and it could have been even easier if there was an aggregate data set available).

Please find the list of the winners and finalists here.

And, as for Mapize, we will keep on looking for interesting open data contests and initiatives to leverage public data sets to create more mashups and visualizations that could improve user access to government information and services.

Just a little reminder: At almost the same time last year our Disasters Map won an honorable mention in the Apps For America 2 contest organized by the Sunlight Foundation.

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